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Game of Thrones Season 8 Plot

Original Release: 17 April 2011 (USA) – Present

Genre    :   Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Created By    :    David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
No. of seasons    :   8
Running time    :   45–50 minutes
Stars    :    Peter Dinklage | Lena Headey | Emilia Clarke | Kit Harington | Sophie Turner | Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones - Season 8 is a The final Season of Game of Thrones. The End of All Things

Source : IMDb

Rating:   IMDb  / 9.5
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Arya will NOT kill Dany. She has already killed the Night King, Cersei is dead, the mountain is dead and presumably everyone on her list is dead now. It would be cool to let her kills the “mad queen”, but it’s too much. I think Jon has to kill Dany. There is nothing else and no one else really left who will kill the her. Arya may kill Greyworm who will try to save Dany, but I’m not 100% sure on this anymore. After Dany burning King’s landing and the question of who will rule still not answered as both Dany and Jon are still alive one of them has to die. I think the dragon has to somehow die, which is still up for debate. There is a possibility that Dany will kill Drogon. I don’t see a reason for the dragon to still be alive so there is that arc that has to be ended. I would have said Jon and Dany both die but it’s now still possible to kill Dany and have Jon and Sansa rule. The biggest question is who did Varys write to? I think the possiblity now is Jon marries Sansa and rules the seven kingdom. I’m also harboring the theory that Genry will somehow marry Sansa and be the king which I have been predicting. I can’t wait for the last episode. I’m sure many unanswered questions will remain after that.

Will Jon have to kill Daenerys in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6

Somebody has to stop her. As we used to say in the Walking Dead fandom, she has gone full Shane. In Walking Dead, it took Shane’s surrogate son, Carl, to kill Shane, not his best friend, Rick. Shane was jealous and bitter against Rick because he wanted his wife, Lori, and felt that Rick didn’t deserve the leadership of the group. He was more qualified. So he hated the man who was once his best friend, then one day he tried to kill him. His son stopped the attack. I expect the show might give us something like that. Daenerys decides to attack all the Starks. She is terrified of Sansa, and not without reason as Sansa is opposed to her. She knows that Sansa will try to raise troops to attack Daenerys. Sansa might even get Tormund and the Wildlings to join her. Daenerys committed war crimes. She attacked the city when the soldiers had already surrendered. She ignored the cue that Tyrion told her to obey so that the fighting would cease. Judging from the preview, Daenerys will rule the city with an iron fist, using the Dothraki and Unsullied to do her bidding. Jon has the warrior chops to fight against her troops, plus he may have gotten more support through the handiwork of Varys. We may see an outpouring of support for Jon from the small folk and the lords of the other kingdoms. Jon might kill her or have her executed like he did with the men who tried to assassinate him at the Night’s Watch. He may not kill her directly, but he will work to have her eliminated. I suspect Arya too, will try to kill her. However, Daenerys may not die until Jon takes the throne (if he does) and has her executed. It may also be a battle of wills in which Daenerys feels ashamed and agrees to let Jon have the throne, then acquieses to her punishment.

In the Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, would you prefer Daenerys to die or survive?

At this point, to have any kind of halfway good or “bittersweet” ending, she has to die. The only problem with that is that Dan and Dave have turned Jon and Tyrion into such absolute morons that any remotely happy ending is impossible now. If Jon kills Dany and becomes king, he’s just going to be a hunky moron waiting for a challenger who doesn’t have his head crammed up his own ass to come along.

why Game of Thrones season 8 was poorly written?

GoT is written by George R. R. Martin. He is 70+ years old. He started writing GOT series in 1991 and completed his first volume in 1996 (5 years for just 1 volume). The latest volume was the dance with dragons, published in 2011. Game of Thrones (the series) was produced based on these initial volumes and waiting for the last volume might not be worth it. Why? a. What if a new series at par with GOT comes up and the glitter of GOT fades away by the time the new book is released in next 5 years? b. What if the book won’t be completed? c. Even if the above two events don’t happen but the story gets leaked? Another factor could be that the story was written within just 30% of the time it took to write each one of the previous book and it’s obvious that it won’t be as detailed as previous ones. Moreover, the episode leaks might have brought down the profits significantly. Lastly, I believe that there are millions of fan theories and as its in the blood of GOT to disprove them all, there were very few ideas left to complete the story. I agree that the GOT was poorly written, but we should also look at the reasons behind it .Its just not fair to blame the story which was written in such a short span of time. Valar Morghulis!

What would be the best ending of Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale

There’s a joke going around that the best ending we can hope for is Ned waking up in his bedchamber and saying “7 Hells Cat, I had a terrible dream!” Jokes aside though, at the point the best possible ending imho, is this: Daenerys demands the Lords of the 7 Kingdoms to come and pledge allegiance, while at the same time sentencing Tyrion to death. Both these acts, combined with Varys’ letters and Daenerys’ burning of Kings Landing are enough to move the Lords into supporting Jon’s claim(I mean eh? But it’s all I got). They call their banners and March to Kings Landing. A meeting to discuss terms is called, during which Arya takes on Grey Worms face and attempts to stab Daenerys and instead is exposed and executed (sorry). This helps Jon overcome his hesitation and he pulls out his sword and personally kills Daenerys, pulling out a burning sword, lightbringer(I just want Azor Ahai, okay?) which he uses to kill Drogon. With Daenerys’ death, the Dothraki and the Unsullied put down their weapons and are allowed to return to wherever they choose(The Unsullied choose Naath(?) out of respect to Grey Worm, or Grey Worm can live and lead them there. The Dothraki return to Essos). Jon is asked to be ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. I’m kinda split here about what I think is a better thing for him. Either rule the 7 Kingdoms out of obligation to the people, realizing that it’s more important than his honour(since he killed Daenerys and he should serve out of the rest of his days on the wall), continuing the Targaryen line or he can live out the rest of his days on the wall as a ranger/Lord Commander since Ed is dead, thereby ending the Targaryen line. If Jon becomes ruler, he will need to marry(I really hope it’s not Sansa), which will be to hopefully someone we’ve not yet encountered. I would be pretty okay with it being Arienne Martell from the books. Either way, Sansa becomes Lady of Winterfell but I don’t really see her marrying someone after all she’s been through. Maybe Tyrion out of obligation and a little admiration? Bran lives his life out as the three eyed Raven, maybe returning north of the wall in preparation for the next big thing. Tyrion returns to Casterly Rock as Warden of the West and eventually finds Tysha(this is a bit cheesy I admit). If not, he finds a suitable match eventually. The shows ends with a scene with Tormund and Ghost north of the wall finding the white walker symbol etched into the snow, and the cycle continues once again.

Game of Thrones Season 8 theory : Jon and daenerys targaryen end the war by giving their child to the Night King?

I think there are some flaws with the theory. I have a hard time imagining that Jon or Daenerys would give their child to the Night King, but I guess he could steal him/her. Does the Night King only want boy babies? What if they had a girl? The Night King has only shown interest in babies that he plans on using to make into White Walkers. Craster gave him 99 babies, but that only protected him, so a ‘normal’ infant sacrifice doesn't do it. I guess it could be possible that a hypothetical Targ2 ,who has a magical destiny could be the instrument of his demise. Perhaps the child has enough Northern magic and “fire’ magic that when the Night King tries to change the Targ baby it causes him to change in someway instead, either killing him or putting him back to sleep. If the Targ baby is a girl, perhaps the Night King might want her for another reason, but I don’t think her parents would hand her over as a sacrifice in some sort of a reverse version of Sleeping Beauty.

if only Targaryens can ride dragons, does it mean anything that the Night King can ride the wight-dragon?

Ah but the thing is “Only Targryens” can ride a dragon is a myth , both in the books, in the show and even GRRM has said 20 years ago that not every dragon rider in the end has to be a Targaryen. To start with the show, Daenerys willingly took Jon to ride a dragon after previous season when she checked out that they like him enough to take him on his back. This is before she knows anything about R+L , so clearly the Targaryen herself doesn’t believe this bullshit and has already known that has it not for his physical limitations, even Tyrion could have ridden one. In the books, Nettles, Valyreons, Hull, and many assorted non-Targarynes before the Doom rode dragons. Even if you have dragon blood, it is no guarantee that Dragons won’t kill you like Rhaenyra, Quentyn etc because they are at the end of the day animals, just like Direwolves. GRRM has already said when asked about Daenerys’s potential dragon riding companions that “not every dragon rider has to be a Targaryen” for years already. So it means nothing.

GoT Season 8 Epi 1

To redeem himself Jaime will do something brave and stupid to save the others and gets himself killed then resurrected. Later on, Walker Jaime will arrive at King’s Landing and will confront Cersei and either he or the Night King will convert Jaime Jr into one of those blue eyed wee walker babies while still in her womb, killing her and keeping the witch’s prophecy intact.

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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 : a big battle in King's Landing

Most likely, yes. Emilia Clarke has already stated that episode 5 is going to be big, which is pretty much a confirmation that something major will unfold. A major battle or battles are inevitable at this point, unless Cersei slips in the bathroom and breaks her neck. Episode 4 will most likely arrange all the pieces on the table for an upcoming battle, and i hope we will get to see some small battles, new alliances and betrayals along the way. Episode 5 will be one major battle (although a two part battle would be perfect), while episode 6 will solve other minor conflicts and close the story arcs of surviving characters.

Best endings of Game.of.Thrones S08

It would SO epic if in Episode 5, at the end of the battle for King’s landing, Bran reveals himself as the new Night King and raises all the dead bodies from the battle as his new army. Bran then seats himself on the iron throne. Then in Episode 6 a new battle against Bran begins and somehow he is defeated, but Khaleesi and Jon Snow both die in the battle and Sansa takes the throne with Arya as her hand.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 : Predictions and Spoilers

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an implied time jump in which the rebuilding of Winterfell is mostly completed.
Daenerys seems to have earned the respect of the northmen by fighting and sacrificing for them, whereas Jon’s stock seems to have gone down, presumably because he did little to nothing during the battle itself and his tactical plans were all outdone by the NK.
The whole vibe of the episode vis-a-vis Jon and Daenerys seems to be the opposite of what we saw in the first two, where Jon seemed to be on the ascendancy and Daenerys was spiraling. Now, it seems that Daenerys has earned respect and Jon is just there.
Sansa seems worried, probably because Daenerys is using her newly earned respect to sell another war to the northmen and people are listening to her, even though Daenerys practically let Sansa know that the north wouldn’t get independence.
The Starks in general seem more concerned than delighted that the war against the undead is over, presumably because they now have to go south and face Cersei.
When Daenerys speaks about winning ‘the last war’, the only people by her side are Missandei, whose response to Sansa and Tyrion’s conversation was telling, and Varys, someone who is fated to die in Westeros. Tyrion is especially conspicuous by his absence. Could it be that Missandei informed Daenerys of Tyrion’s conversation with Sansa and the latter, already mired in grief over Jorah’s death, acted out by dismissing Tyrion as Hand and naming Varys to that position?
Ghost is alive! But, I’m fully expecting him to be left behind in Winterfell if Jon goes south, as he no doubt is. The show’s priorities were clear in the last episode, where Ghost charges into darkness, fights in the darkness and disappears for the rest of the episode.
There is a mass pyre outside Winterfell for the dead bodies from the battle. Why on earth are they trying to light that fire by hand, when the dragons can do a much better job of it? Perhaps the idea is Jon’s, who wants to replicate the Night’s Watch funeral that Edd receives.
Daenerys is walking away from someone with a cold and determined expression on her face. Notice how the lighting is the same as the scene in which she receives enthusiastic cheers from the northmen. Could it be that she’s leveraged her newfound acclaim to flatly tell Sansa that her own bannermen love their new queen enough to forget wanting independence, or to tell Jon that he can shout R+L=J from the ramparts of Winterfell and no one will care? Or perhaps this is the moment when she fires Tyrion from her service and the two Lannister brothers unofficially join the Stark camp.
Euron is proposing to Cersei, which was bound to happen, since he fulfilled everything she asked, including destroying Yara’s fleet and the Dornish army aboard it, to bringing over his 1000-ship armada and the Golden Company after the Lannister armies abandoned her. Their marriage will leave Cersei as the last obstacle in Euron’s path to the Iron Throne. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after subverting the Azor Ahai and PTWP prophecies, the show pulls a trifecta and subverts the valonqar prophecy as well, with Euron killing Cersei after their marriage is consummated to become king regnant. Sansa once again looks worried, which worries me, because it might imply that Sansa, Arya and Bran stay behind at Winterfell when Jon and Daenerys march south. Jon needs these three in his corner and by his side to have even a small chance at surviving southern politics.
Jon marches out of Wintefell, followed by Davos, his military second-in-command, while Gilly watches them leave. Gilly’s presence might be explained by how they had a friendly interaction with each other and the little brave girl with a partially burned face. Where is Jon marching to? Is he marching to Deepwood Motte to demand answers from Lord Glover? Also, is Jon’s time riding Rhaegal over? Why then is he riding when flying on dragonback is much faster? The show teased the formation of a bond between Jon and Rhaegal, but it might be that the show tries to subvert that expectation as well, and shows us that Rhaegal only let Jon ride him temporarily on Daenerys’s suggestion.
We next see the Targaryen navy and it is far larger than it used to be. It is possible that Lord Manderly, who has secretly built a large navy in the books as part of the GNC and is building more warships. has pledged his navy to Daenerys. A likelier possibility is that Yara Greyjoy has retaken the Iron Islands and raised a navy in Daenerys’s name, smaller but comparable to Euron’s.
Daenerys looks up at someone or something, while Drogon does the same. This is most likely from the opening scenes of episode four, where we are shown that Rhaegal is alive after he disappeared from the battle upon being injured by Viserion.
Daenerys’s line about Cersei, ‘we’ll rip her out, root and stem’, has a double meaning. Cersei is a Lannister and eliminating the main branch of that family would require the deaths of both Tyrion and Jaime as well. Perhaps, the show wants to give the brothers more and more reason to switch sides to the Starks.
Long before season eight started airing, a plethora of my answers dealt with how I was worried that the show would kill off the wights in the third episode and then reserve three whole episodes for political crap. That has come to pass. But, given the show’s tendency for expectation subversion, the fact that there are three feature-length episodes remaining and Daenerys uses the phrase ‘the last war’, I’m getting a feeling that this last war might not be between Cersei and Daenerys/Jon, but Daenerys and Jon. I think that the series finale might just decide to reenact the Dance of the Dragons.

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