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How did Euron kill Daenerys dragon with an arrow?

By using spear-sized arrows that were shot at an extremely high speed making them lethal to Dany’s dragons. The scorpions were used against dragons since the 1st Dornish Wars during the time of Aegon’s conquest. One such arrow brought down Rhaenys’s dragon Meraxes. In the TV show, a scorpion bolt was used to injure Drogon in the Fields of Fire 2.0. The scorpion bolts mounted on Euron’s ship and on the walls of King’s Landing looks like improved version of that scorpion bolt. It would give them more range and speed and power to pierce through a dragon’s body. They were the reason Drogon sat far away from their range when Dany came to parley with Cersei.

Will Daenerys Targaryen become a “mad queen”?

I have a very bad feeling that she is well on the way to it. Dany’s main weaknesses are her sense of entitlement “I am the Queen…” and impulsiveness. She’s flustered: That she doesn’t have 100% control of the North … Jon was the King in the North for five minutes, and still commands respect as the de facto head of the Stark clan and the North, but with Bran more or less checking out of the Hôtel Realité for his claim as the de jure head of House Stark, that effectively leaves Sansa as the power to contend with.
That means the Estrogen Wars of Winterfell are in full realness: Sansa’s best chance of being Queen in the North rest with King Aegon Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, King of the Andals, First Men, Lord of the Rhoynar, and Protector of the Realm, etc. etc. Jon doesn’t seem to be having none of that, he’s so whipped, the local cat population is in envy. But the North remembers, and so does Sansa Fierce. (SPOILER) Losing Rhaegal by three much larger, nastier scorpion bolts… was a huge bit of stupidity. Especially after noting to her war council that Cersei has had time to get stronger and more entrenched where she’s at, and surely she wasn’t completely ignorant of Euron Fuckboy’s fleet (being at least the equal and likely greater than her naval assets)… well, this is a bit of a Varys fail (and I suspect this will surface in the next episode as we have some foreshadowing that both he and Tyrion are thinking of hedging their bets against her now)… but yeah. She should have played it a bit more cautious and kept her babies at least above any firing arc of the scorpions.
And on re-watching on how the ship-borne scorpions are mounted, at BEST they had no more than a 45° angle of altitude, and about a 270° traverse across the bow (losing some of the variability of altitude and risking shooting through their own mast and sails) … Impulsively, Dany noses into a headlong dive into the scorpion fire instead of going for the ships’ blind spots. Total lapse of judgment here, and she nearly lost her ass and Drogon’s on the second salvo.
From the way Euron foolishly sailed into these straights:
Why did she not circle back at a high arc over and back behind Euron’s fleet, and then stern-bomb them from behind their arc of fire! Euron’s boats are in an abreast formation in between rocky straights, which is what you’d do when rushing an enemy fleet line
but if Dany wasn’t busy being such a rage queen, she could have easily burnt half that flotilla of about 8–9 ships and bottlenecked the bay (it appears to be very near Dragonstone) enough to roast another two or three boats, or at least sew mass confusion (see also the Battle for Blackwater Bay). It would have taken several minutes for the lead 3–4 ships to get out ahead far enough to present an overlapping firing solution on the threats at the rear of the flotilla, and probably jam up the middle and rear ships.
But no, she smartened up enough to GTFO, and lost Missandei and probably the bulk of the remaining Unsullied she had left at this point (hopefully, some are marching with Jon and Ser Davos….)
Baby Barrack Obama (Grey Worm) and Dany looked positively done when Cersei offed Missandei… (I honestly thought Tyrion was going to take 2–3 scorpion bolts through the neck for a hot minute).
So in sum… Dany’s about at a 9.8/10 on the BURN THEM ALL!! meter. Hopefully Tyrion and Varys can talk her down to at least catapulting a bunch of amnesty and “you have 12 hours to escape and then it’s going to be raining hellfire” propaganda to avoid the absolute demonization onslaught Cersei is working.
It will be interesting to see if Varys goes up in smoke before King’s Landing does.

Is the show treating Daenerys unfairly?

I would reserve my judgement till Dany’s final scene. It is the nature of Game of Thrones that no one should have believed that Dany’s road to Iron Throne would be laid with petals. Some of her shortcomings were always there (more in the books, less in the show) to signify that Dany may not be all that good as she seems. The unfair treatment would be to make her a comic-book villain with a sudden 180 degree reversal. The show is pushing Dany into corners. That she will snap is clear but if is handled carefully it will not seem unfair to her. The show took her to peak of her powers at the end of season 6 and from then she has been dealt with one blow after another. After episode 4, she is back in the state in which she started this journey. She is all alone, she can’t trust anyone, and the goal which seemed within her grasp is still elusive. The one person she loves is the greatest threat to her legacy and anyone who loved her or loyal to her is gone. She has lost two of her children and things are as bleak as they could get. Dany will hit back but how will she do so and in doing so what lines will she cross will determine if the show treated her unfairly or not.
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